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Could The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Be The Best One Ever

When we think of Japan, the first things that pop into mind are futuristic cities, anime, hard-working, committed people, and of course robots. So it is only logical that the expectations of the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games are sky-high. The Games will officially begin with the opening ceremony of July 24th even though there will be some preliminary softball and soccer matches starting July 22nd. Afterward, the live and broadcasted audience will be entertained by the best of the best until August the 9th. But the show doesn’t end there. The Paralympics will begin two weeks after and will conclude on September the 6th.  

What’s new

olympic sports

One of the main reasons why we should be excited about the upcoming Olympics is new sports or disciplines. There are five new disciplines that will join the line-up, but just to clarify they are new in terms of not being there before, not because they are brand new sports you never heard of.

So, expect to see skateboarding, surfing, climbing, baseball along with softball, and karate.

Furthermore, some of the existing sports will go through sam balancing in order to be adequately tweaked in accordance with gender equality.

So, expect to see some changes this year in fencing, boxing, kayaking, and canoeing. 

A new breed of volunteers

Imagine how the Olympics will look in the future, and then be completely thrilled that the futuristic version of the event will happen in 2020. Why? Well, there will be 200,000 volunteers to help with the upcoming competition, but in this case, the word volunteer does not necessarily mean humans. Believe it or not, the volunteers in question are robots, and they seem pretty eager to demonstrate just how helpful they can be. This is another reason for people to come because if the robot uprising apocalypse ever happens, we can look at this event as the point in time when it all started. 

Jokes aside, Japan has always been one of the industry leaders in terms of robotics, and their desire to showcase what they can do during such a massive event is no surprise. We even know some of the models that have confirmed their attendance.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics
  • T-TR1 – This is a virtual mobility communication Robot, and it is designed to help those who cannot attend the game. Thanks to its 360-degree camera and Tele-presence feature, people will be able to enjoy the game and communicate with friends as if they are there.
  • T-HR3 – This is a humanoid-like machine that is designed for entertainment, as it will mirror the moves of the mascot. It is there to spread the hype and allow those who are watching from a remote location to get a glimpse of what it is like to be at central venues. He is friendly, and you can shake hands with him.   
  • FSR – It stands for – Field Support Robot. This little fellow will be there to show you around the venues, guide people who need help, make sure you don’t bump into any obstacles, and basically reduce the necessity for actual staff that is needed to accommodate the guests. Moreover, it is going to help athletes by fetching their javelins, or other objects that are the part of throwing events.  
  • HSD and DSR bots – For anyone who ever wished to have a robot butler these guys will give a glimpse of what that would be like. HSR or Human Support Robot, and DSR or Delivery Support Robot, will bring you snacks and drinks, guide you to your seat and make the event more accessible for guests with disabilities. 

Well, this is just a taste of what is to come, and it is already more than enough to get us hyped for the 2020 Olympics. 

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