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How to Crowdfund Your Product

So you want to sell your product but you’re not exactly sure how you can make that work. Or how to even make it even. It really doesn’t have to be so difficult and you can still do your job and make a living while you’re at. You have to be dedicated, but you don’t have to let it run your whole life. You need to plan things ahead of time and make sure you are taking the right path and so on- but you can also relax too. Here are some ways to win over other people into helping you reach your great goal.

Be Persuasive and Give Legitimate Reasons

For one thing- you can’t just ask for money. You need to have good reasons and then that will help them to understand it’s for a good purpose. People want to help others more than you know and when they think it’s for a good cause and that something great will come from donating a bit, then your chances can be high for them to help you out. Feeling like they are a part of something big will most likely make up their minds on helping. People also do these things not just for a new project or a new product but also to help others like a loved family member. If they know they will be of help- even if it’s a small portion of money – they will probably do it. You should also give some background information as to why you’re doing it and what you’ll be using the money exactly for. Give updates too.

Make a Budget

This could help you along with how much the people want to give. If they see how much you have already made and how much you need to get to your finalized product- they might give a little extra to get you to where you need to be. Maybe you need to make your product in phases too- in that case- tell them what portions of that money they gave you will be used for in a certain time for your product.

Research Failed Crowdfundings

Even though we may not like it- it will help everyone in the future. If for some reason a product or cause has failed with crowdfunding, it’s a good idea to research why it failed. Everyone learns from mistakes. If it’s your own mistakes or someone else’s there is no doubt it can educate you or somebody else.

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Present Pictures or Videos

It’s a good idea to upload current pictures and videos on your product/project. If they see a before and an after compilation as well, that makes a great improvement. When people can see what their money is accomplishing for the better good, all the better. Videos are great to make too- maybe talk in front of the camera and give a great speech and thank all of those who have helped you. And then give a base speech about all you have done step by step and how you got it to the present and then what you are planning to do next. Then talk about how you are wanting it to go from there after your product is completed.

Give Out Rewards for Helping

If someone is helping you by giving you a certain amount of money, offer them a reward that would be approximately the same amount of money they gave you. For instance- give them a little bit of your product you are trying to make a success as to the equivalent to what they paid you. If they paid you more than just $50 or so- then the bigger the prize will be for them.

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