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How to Hitchhike! A Beginner’s Guide

Opposed to years ago, hitchhiking is not a regular thing today. You rarely see people on the side of the road giving you the “thumbs up.” This is due to cars becoming more reliable, fuel being cheaper and also there are far more public transportation options than there were some time ago.

Nevertheless, there still comes a need when a person is in a desperate situation and needs a ride. When that time comes you need to be prepared.

Here are a few pointers for hitchhikers when they are in a desperate situation.

Ask People at Gas Stations

ask for ride

When hitchhiking, safety is the number one concern. You don’t know with whom you are getting into a car. So a lot of people don’t want to risk doing it at all. This is especially a concern for women as they are not really sure what the person giving them a ride is all about.

But in order to tip the favor to your side. You can try and find a ride at a gas station. You can look around for people who look reliable and in that way exclude a bit of randomness that may come with the situation.

Find a Place where Cars are Going Slow

If a car is going at top speed there is no chance that they will stop and pick you up. Actually, they might not even have the time to see you properly. This is why you need to hitchhike in an area where cars are bound to go slower.

Find a spot with a speed limit or at the top of the hill. Cars have a much larger chance to stop if they are going up a hill rather than down. If they are going slower, it also gives them a chance to take a look at you. They too might be suspicious of taking in a weary traveler. So if they have enough time to look at you, there is a greater chance that they will pick you up.

Hitchhiking Near the Edge of a City


One should never, ever go hitchhiking in the very center of the city. This is where most of the people are going about their way and some might be going on short trips. Also, there is not a lot of room for them to pull up as there might be a jam.

This is why one should always go at the very edge of a city and hitchhike there. It allows for much more room and you will be sure that the drivers are going away from the city. The best sweet spot is where the road starts turning into the highway. A car can easily pull up there and pick you up.

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