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Popular Business Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Business is booming, at least somewhere. People try and develop new ways of making their businesses better, some by innovating, others by copying the more successful businesses. Either way, the world always keeps moving and with it, so do the people and consequently, the businesses. The world of business is often one where you must adapt in order to survive, let alone thrive. How does one do that? For once, by predicting the trends which will continue or form in the coming year. 2020 is upon us and here are the business trends to look out for.

Subscription-based Services

Everything is subscription-based nowadays. For streaming services, Netflix was the first one to start it, at least when it comes to TV shows and movies. Now, there are so many services for streaming, from Apple, Disney+, to Hulu and many more. Almost every country and their local, popular TV channels, offer their own streaming services, not to mention sports channels and websites. All of those work on a subscription method. Make sure to use that if you plan on offering services online. But also be vary of it, because you might end up forgetting that you are subscribed to someone or something. 

Cloud Computing and Platforms

Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Salesforce are all cloud computing giants. They plan on making their businesses better and expanding them. Keep a lookout for prices might fall or rise, depending on how the situations change, whether the software is bundled or separated. Google Stadia might mean the beginning of the end of traditional PC building and gaming, with games now being offered through the cloud. When the tech giants battle, the world shakes a bit, so be vary of that, for it might affect you in ways unplanned.

cloud computing

Tech Companies and Privacy Issues

Various tech giants like Facebook, Google, Netflix, Apple and the like, are being constantly attacked by Europe, for various antitrust reasons. Whether information storage or leakage, both are a crime against privacy and are very seriously treated by the European Union. Even the United States is looking at various antitrust acts, for example, the California Consumer Privacy Act. With that in mind, make sure to follow, because prices might go up or down, more likely down than up.

Businesses and Society and the Environment

Businesses have started to take part in taking their responsibility towards society and the environment. They can no longer sit by and profit, because they too must take action to ensure that our planet is still here and functional for us humans, as well as those same humans being happy and healthy. Traditional businesses have always had a huge role in society and 2020 will see more businesses embracing that role.

These are but some business trends which you can expect to see in 2020, with many more probably around the corner. Keep a keen eye on events and you will most likely spot something new in the works.

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