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In the Wake of the Upcoming Superbowl 2020


Football is one of the great American pastimes! Superbowl Sunday has already become an unofficial holiday in the States and has started to catch up all around the world. It brings together sportsmanship, bitter rivalry, good food and drinks, fabulous entertainment, and a nice time with your friends, if you are not on the opposing teams that is.

Going to the event has to be the achievement of a lifetime for some. However, not everyone can afford the tickets so settling down for a Superbowl viewing party is an equally pleasant experience.

Here is what we know so far about Superbowl 2020.

Where and When is Superbowl 2020?

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Superbowl 2020 is going to be the 54th iteration of the greatest event on Earth, as the Americans call it. It is going to be the first one held in the upcoming decade. The event is scheduled to take place on February 2, 2020.

The host city of the NFL final is going to be Miami. This is actually Miami’s record-setting eleventh time hosting the Superbowl. The venue chosen is another familiar place as the game is being held at the Hard Rock Stadium which will host the greatest show on earth for the 6th time. In order to ensure the best possible experience $500 million has been invested for renovations.

Which Teams are Playing?

We are still a few months away from the actual event, so we can’t really tell who are the participants of Superbowl 2020 going to be. Last season, the New England Patriots took home yet another Vince Lombardi trophy by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There are a number of contenders that might emerge victorious this season and analysts have already made their picks. Most give the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs the greatest odds for winning the prize.

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Current NFL Top 5 Teams

  1. Baltimore Ravens
  2. San Francisco 49ers
  3. New England Patriots
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. Kansas City Chiefs

Who Is Performing at the Half-Time Show?

Equally important as the game itself is the half-time show of the Superbowl 2020. After Adam Levine’s somewhat controversial performance from last year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been chosen to entertain the fans during the break.

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The Superbowl half-time performance is something that many people want to see and is a spectacle on its own. Names like Justin Timberlake, the Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, U2, Lady Gaga, and even Paul McCartney have all graced the stage of the Superbowl half-time.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are a perfect choice for a performance held in Miami. Since the city is famous for its diverse culture and community, most of it being influenced by Latin culture, these two artists are the best ones to entertain the fans.

Both Jennifer and Shakira come from Latin backgrounds and are happy to perform as they view it as something important for the Latin community and the country as a whole at this moment.


More news emerged related to Lady Gaga, who did perform in 2017 at the Superbowl. However, she is not going to be a part of the main event. You can catch her performance as part of AT&T Super Saturday Night which takes place the day before the big event.

Whatever your reason for watching Superbowl 2020 – the team, the event, the performance, you are more than likely going to have a great time. 

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