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Is Liverpool Finally Going to win a Premier League Title?

Liverpool is one of the most successful English clubs of all time with 18 league titles, 15 domestic cups and 6 European Cups to their name. However, the Merseysiders have been waiting for their League Title for exactly 29 years, not even winning a single Premier League trophy since the inception of the league in 1992.

The Reds came dangerously close last year as they finished runners-up after Manchester City with 97 points, becoming the team with most points to their name and not winning a title. But they were able to save the season by lifting the Champions League trophy against bitter rivals, Tottenham, in the final.

This time, it’s all about the Premier League! Liverpool has started this season well and if things continue as they should we are probably going to see the Reds with their first Premier League trophy.

Manchester City are Weaker

What makes us confident in Liverpool ending the season with a trophy in hand is the fact that Man City is much weaker than the previous two seasons. The Blues won two consecutive titles but are a far cry from the team that won the trophy last year.

The defense of Guardiola’s side is not clicking and they haven’t been able to find a man worthy enough to replace the former captain Vincent Kompany. Losing Aymeric Laporte early in the season didn’t help things either.

But another major concern is efficiency. City is still scoring left and right but the fact that their star attacker Sergio Aguero hasn’t scored a goal in almost ten games is enough of a reason for concern.

Liverpool Finally Won a Trophy

Champions League

Liverpool hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to finishing seasons and finals in recent times. In fact, under Jurgen Klopp they lost three Cup finals in a row. However, they were finally able to prove the doubters wrong last season by winning the Champions League trophy.

It wasn’t the pretties of wins but it is a win after all and history will only remember the winners.

This has most likely given them a mental boost that they can go on and win it all this season. The trophy certainly helps and promises many more to come.

Mentality Monsters

A “Mentality Monster” is a term Klopp came up with before the start of the season. He uses it to describe the current mental capacity of his players and the entire team. Meaning, they are dead set on capturing the prize.

Going all the way is the final goal and your head needs to be in the right place for a team to achieve that.

Tough games against Aston Villa and the most recent one against Manchester City are proof that the Reds are currently in the right state of mind. When you have the mental toughness to pull unimpressive wins even when you are not playing well, it means that you are on the path for glory.  

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