Sunday | April 21, 2024

US Supreme Court’s Decision could Lead to the Legalization of Esports Gambling in the US

Esports have been on the rise in Europe and Asia in the recent years. Many multiplayer games have taken a role of electronic sports. In markets where sports betting is legalized, esports betting is widely being practiced by the players and fans. Just like any sport, esports is a competition where there is a clear winner and loser. You can’t really see a draw or a tie often as many games go on until one or the other side has actually won. This means – one option less to bet on – and that leads to larger chances of success in esports betting. Even though there are still not enough reviews of esports sportsbooks as there are reviews of football matches like this one for Euro 2016 or online casinos such as the review of Winorama, still there are some options that can be found online.

When it comes to esports, anybody can become a professional player as long as they learn to play really well. You could say the same for traditional sports as well but the rules are different as some skills take a lifetime to perfect. An esports player can be a teenager or an older person- only the skills matter. These skills are what will take you to the top of the tournament. The best prizes are in place only for the best.

How Common is Esports?

In South Korea, esports players are seen like national heroes because esports is as known as traditional sports are in Europe. And it has only grown in the recent months and years. Now there are professional TV stations and networks where you can watch esports tournaments as a live event. They are common in Europe, through the cable networks.

All this has brought esports betting to come to life and co-exist with traditional sports. It is no stranger in Europe and other markets where sports betting is legalized. Now it’s time for the United States to jump into action. Gaming culture is very well developed in the U.S. and many gamers are enjoying their games. Entertainment industry is on a very high level in the U.S.  which means there are many talented gamers who could potentially become professional esports players. If the Supreme Court’s decision turns out to be the right one, it could lead to sports and esports betting legalization in many or most states. This would bring the necessary sponsor attention to the esports scene that would definitely come to life in the U.S.

Gambling in the U.S. has a very long tradition, but only for the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is an iconic city that offers any kinds of gambling available, from casino games to sports betting. All this could soon become part of many others states where people would be experiencing this kind of entertainment for the first time. Out of that state gambling is not legalized. This is exactly what would change from now on, and with great accessibility of sports betting, esports betting would be right at home. You could be placing your first sports or esports bet as early as this year if everything goes right.

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