Thursday | May 30, 2024

How Terrorism Affected the Tourism Industry in the World

It is a widely known fact that terrorism has affected the tourism in the world. Some countries have suffered more than others, but the effects are there. Some countries are labeled as less safe than others. Some countries now get way less tourists than others. One of these examples is Turkey, a country with wonderful beaches and other tourist attractions, rich history and sites to see. However, at the moment the interest to visit this country has fallen drastically even though the political situation has improved. Now the tourism is suffering and the prices of hotels, meals at restaurants and other closely related industries have reduced their prices. When there is no demand, the prices drop. Many of them offer many discounts to their visitors.

Airport Security

Security at the airports have improved drastically. Every luggage and all of the people getting around the airports are being inspected. All unattended luggage is being taken away automatically and destroyed soon after, if nobody collects it. You should always keep your belongings in sight. Even with many new measures, many people decide to travel by a train or a car instead of an airplane. In recent months all of the sky traffic is normal and it is generally safe to travel. Many people have to fly because of work, so it’s not only the tourism that got affected. Always try to get to your destinations when on the move and when travelling you should always pay attention to your surroundings.

Some Countries are Impossible to Visitors

In some parts of the world, a certain number of countries are almost impossible to visit due to political problems. Some countries are a full blown war zone and travelling there is not advised. Always do your research before making a decision to travel to a certain destination, make sure that country is safe and tourists are welcome. Certain countries in the middle east are less desirable to visit. A country like North Korea is such because of the public picture that the country has in the eyes of the people around the world.

The World is Changing

The United States have implemented a travel ban for people of certain countries of the world because of the ongoing crisis. This is something that is not approved by a lot of people around the world. This decision is also being changed to allow more countries. However, these changes take time and people are the ones who are being hit by it the most.

Big forces around the world are dealing with this ongoing problem and the progress is slow but it is there. The world needs to come together and make every country safe to visit and all people be respected and loved by all. Things are improving and laws are changing. They will continue to change for this reason.

Travelling should be a basic human right. Freedom to travel is taken very seriously and the world still has a ways to go to make this possible. Tourists have the right to visit places with great historical value and to experience different cultures. We all share one planet, we should be able to make it free and safe for everyone no matter what.

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