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Boardwalk Empire – TV Show Review and Development

Have you ever heard of the Television series, Boardwalk Empire? You probably have. In that case, you may or may not even know what it’s about. Gambling on the boardwalk of Atlantic City – the old-school way, without an account on Coral, as is popular today. Perhaps you’ve seen a few episodes and that was it. You might not have a clue what it’s about either whether you have seen it or not. Well, this is a review of the show that will tell you the ground base of the story.

From what I can tell, people love it for its historical characters and background – the very complications and stories that arise and how those characters deal with them. Think about New Jersey back in the day in the Prohibition Era. People were mad and they protested while others were rejoicing. You can see both sides of the story. They all have a very emotional background.

What is Boardwalk Empire About?

You have the main character whose name is Enoch Thompson. If you didn’t know, this character is based on a real person- Enoch L. Johnson. People also call this Enoch “Nucky” which you will see if you watch the show. During the Prohibition Era, Enoch has control over New Jersey for around 10 years or so. You will find him interacting with the world around him including other characters such as mobsters and politicians. This is not limited to ordinary people who are living their own normal lives. And then soon, you will see that the government becomes interested with the protests (doing illegal things, bootlegging) and then they send their agents to check out the areas they assume is where these events are happening. You will find they center on Enoch and how he lives his life, how he deals with the happenings and what he plans to do. You will be able to see how this story comes to an end too.

This show aired on Television over the course of years and always had its viewers wondering what was going to happen next. Some think it’s the best show on the planet, others think it’s okay and there are the ones who think that this is not a good show. It all depends also on what your own thoughts are like about the Prohibition Era. Maybe you think people could have somehow avoided it or handled it better. Or maybe even get rid of alcoholic drinks altogether. It also depends on how you think about the main character. Is his cause good or bad? What can you tell or think about his actions? What about the environment and the storyline – do you suppose it could have been portrayed and even ended a different way?


You might have heard of him- Terence Winter. He was the writer for an older series of The Sopranos. He was also the creator of the book that inspired the show Boardwalk Empire. He wanted to focus on the Prohibition Era, a time where he thought didn’t get enough attention that it deserved to get. It cost quite a few million dollars to make this show and I mean a lot of that money, but they did it. And they also got a lot of attention towards this whole history. With critics and people praising the set alike, you can learn a lot from what you’ve just made and take that history to even up towards the end. If people didn’t seem to understand why a character was a certain way, then they could change a bit of that to make it more reasonable for everyone. Again, it’s all based on your own opinions. Some thought the characters were tough whereas others thought not so much.

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