Tuesday | June 25, 2024

The Success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Everyone has probably heard about the Marvel Universe– especially the new movie called Avengers: Infinity War. It has taken the whole world by storm, over half of the population I am sure, has fallen in love with all of the movies. The new one has taken much of the popularity and is very much known for creating new and funny “memes” which are a type of humour. It’s mainly a funny photo with a caption. However, that’s not where they have stopped. The enemy in the new movie has also been made into a character in a very famous game called Fortnite. It looks like you will see both sides, the people who are super happy about that or others who are just annoyed. Some seem to love the hype and others not so much. Here is the breakdown on why this fictional universe is so popular.

Where it all Started

It first started with the movie Iron Man during the year 2006. It made so many fans and people could really have fun watching the very funny main character. There was then the movie The Incredible Hulk that followed 2 years later. Then you would see they made the Iron Man 2 a couple years after that. Over the course of some years, they have built up the world even more after much success. People loved it, so they gave the audience more to see. With stories of Thor and Loki and Captain America, they would create such a crowd with the emotional grips that would reel in the population.

There have been many releases of this certain world in different movies all pertaining to one hero and then another. And then you get those movies with all of those heroes grouping together to stop one evil force. You will find that they have their own challenges they need to overcome plus the main challenge that affects everyone. So as you can see, they create a big emotional story on top of the main emotional story. People want to know what happens and they keep fulfilling those dreams by making movie after movie. With new twists too.

They deliver with very funny and antagonizing lines that will wow and amuse the audiences. I personally really liked the new Avengers the most. It had that gripping story and you would learn new things that would blow your mind. From finding out secrets to watching disaster after disaster to those emotional pulls and not knowing what is going to happen next- that is a strong story. But it is also full of laughter so you have the best of both worlds practically. You find out who each character really is and why they act the way that they do. Maybe from the outside, the bad characters look very evil but on the inside, maybe their path is to help someone they love? I’ve seen stories like that before and it’s definitely worth seeing.

All we know is that they will keep making movies and that they path they took looks to be positive.

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