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Is E-Gaming Really a Sport?

Even though in reality you are not actually moving your body to kick or throw or hit a ball or riding a horse, E-gaming really is a sport. E-sports. You can watch as players will play on a computer against other people playing on computers on a multiplayer game. It is no different than watching another person actually kick the ball across the field or betting on someone participating in horse racing with the help of betting offers for the Melbourne Cup. If you’re interested in sports and knowing more about them so you can successfully bet later on, check out elubin.plFamous games that are commonly played in this way and which offer betting opportunities are League of Legends and Counter- Strike. But there are way more games that can be played as well.

League of Legends World Championship

In the year of 2013, the League of Legends Championship took place. There was a record of around 32 million viewers on the internet world wide. As you can see, this is a lot of views and it has even surpassed some sports games’ finalized numbers. The League of Legends World Championship also took place the following year in 2014 and there have been at least 40,000 people who have attended to see. This took place in the Sangam Stadium which is also famous for providing a great game of the World Cup for football back in the year of 2002.

Where can I Watch?

There is a website called Twitch that is famous for streaming its games played by gamers online, live. Whether they could be a Youtuber or anyone else- Twitch is a great place to go if you want to watch other peoples’ experiences playing games. Twitch has been so popular that even back in the day of 2013, they’ve had around 55 million people visiting the site per one month. That’s just for the viewers though. The ones who are actually creating content for others have been around 600,000. Here’s the thing- Esports revenue is so good that they are very high. Just in 2012 it was down to $130 million and you’d think that’s great, right? Well, currently it runs to around $465 million since last year. This means players who are really good, such as Carlos Rodriguez, make at least 1 million Euros every year.

Esports are real sports too. You need to think with your mind just like in both cases. It’s also important to stay physically active for both as well. For instance, when you’re sitting in a chair for too long, it’s a good idea to move around once in a while and get blood flowing good again and work out. Reacting to your surroundings and environment is also part of both sports. Just like in the game when you need to hit a certain button or move your mouse, it’s the same with the physical sport too when you need to throw a ball or hit it.

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