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Millionaire Fair

This is a place where you will find very few like it or even none at all. The Millionaire Fair is just like its name- where all of the millionaires go. Instead of bragging about their fortune and spending it on the 2020 Cheltenham betting offers which are becoming super popular in their world, they visit the place where the most expensive items in the world are exhibited in one area to be shown off. With the most luxurious and expensive products and items, it could make even some of the richest people impressed. It’s kind of like a show and it’s also based upon magazines. The magazines that inspired this creation were Millionaire (obviously) and another one I never heard about before called Jackie. It’s an event brought to life within magazines, it’s almost like you’re attending one live. It’s just like within the pages, only in real life. Because of these magazines, the people who read them or did advertising and such had the opportunity to attend if they so wished to.

Millionaire Fair

When Did They Start Doing this Exhibition?

Back in the year 2002 it was decided to host this event. Located in Amsterdam, its area was well thought through. It was then moved to Moscow in Russia during the year of 2005. Reports have said that it was successful each time and that people seemed to enjoy themselves there.

What Did They All Show Off and Sell?

You can be sure that there were a number of things there. From cars to jewelry and beauty products- there is no shortage of any unusual items. Not to mention that there have been private jets too. You will notice they are very successful, popular and famous brands. All of them are surely worth a lot of money.

It has been known for some very, very expensive things to be sold, so if you’re not a millionaire I really hate to burst your bubble, but the truth is that you won’t be able to afford anything. Things for sale have been a $1 million dollar phone that was practically covered in real diamonds to even 25,000 Euros worth of certain perfumes made just for millionaires. You could also have the choice to buy an island or even the house on the island. This is definitely a huge life-changing event. If you attend, your life will be changed from looking at your life in different way and perspective. You also have to pay for your tickets before the event starts. You will only get inside if you have an invitation too. If you do go- make sure to dress very, very fancy as that is required as well.

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