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Does playing online casino games differ around the world?

Did you know that the first online casino was “opened” in 1994? Since then, people who enjoy playing casino games such as roulette, blackjack, pachinko, baccarat and many others can do it from the comfort of their own home or on the go from their mobile devices. Play casino games with a MyBookie promo code.

Unfortunately, this is not true for all the countries in the world, since every country has their own, different laws concerning gambling and online gambling. Irrespective of this fact, many people from the countries where it is banned and considered an illegal practice, have still found a way to do it. They are using what is widely known as VPN service which re-routes the signal making it seem like you are accessing certain websites via servers from a different country.

Online gambling is legal in most of the states in the United States of America, some European and Asian countries and in Australia, but here are some of the differences.

As far as gambling in the USA goes, it is allowed but, in a way, discouraged: the biggest search engines such as Google and Yahoo decided to remove ads concerning gambling from their search results in this area. This does not mean online gambling is unpopular – just that finding them might be a bit difficult.

A somewhat similar situation is present in Canada, where online gambling is allowed, but is under the jurisdiction of local governments whether they will allow it or not. One of the most popular online casinos,, has been operating for almost 15 years with success in several states.

In the UK, where online gambling laws originated in 1960s, almost everything is allowed as long as it’s not connected to any criminal or illegal activity – so you will have a lot of opportunities betting on almost anything of public interest or playing in different online casinos.

It seems that more flexible laws exist in Europe, since the majority of people who gamble come from these territories. As long as the websites with gambling offers have the national license, they are operating legally. This really opens up access to many people who want to participate in thrilling activities of online casinos.

In most of the countries, the legal age for gambling is 18, but it goes anywhere from 18 in Europe, to 19 in most Canadian states and to 21 in some American states. Laws as such prohibit minors from playing in online casinos.

However, the biggest market would be Asia – if the online casinos weren’t banned in China. Despite the illegal status, many Chinese participate in gambling in other ways, or go to Macau or Hong Kong to play from there. Other countries such as Japan, Singapore etc. have more flexible laws and allow for gambling, both online and onsite.

If you happen to be travelling and you suddenly get a craving for some online casino gambling, make sure to first check the laws of the country you are in – otherwise, you might get into serious legal trouble!

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