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How much profit do gambling companies make?



There are so many betting and gambling companies out there that the number is becoming incredibly big. Many people find themselves asking how could so many companies have positive financial balance, that is, how they make profit. It is not an easy question to answer, but when answered, it helps you understand how gambling companies work.

The first thing to understand is that gambling companies have been in existence for a long time and they have perfected their income system during all those years. From the gambling companies that have been operating for years to the ones that roll out new sportsbook app once in a while, everything they do is calculated to bring more profit. If you think you are on a winning streak and you are taking money from a casino or a bookmaker, rest assured – somebody else is on a winning streak. Two very important things work into the gambling companies’ favor: probability and mathematics. Probability is reflected in fixed odds that appear in sports betting. They represent the winning and losing probability. However, it is not clean probability, as the gambling companies skew the odds a little bit to work in their favor. Even if they lose a couple of times, they win in the long run. This is where maths kick in. Everything is calculated and thought of – even when you see odds that you think are a gift to players.

But even if the earnings from the usual fixed odds betting fail to roll in, there is something that always makes profit for the gambling companies. Commission based earnings in casinos level any losses that might happen otherwise and turn the scales pretty quickly to generate great amounts of money to the gambling companies. Since luck plays a major role in many casino betting platforms, it is to be expected that commission-based earning will rake in all the “bad-luck” bettors’ money. And even if eliminate luck and turn to skill-governed games such as poker, there are far more less-than-average-skilled players than players who spend time learning poker strategies and math. Even those players sometimes have to rely on luck, which again shows that gambling companies never lose.

Another way that gambling companies are making profit is by politely deceiving you by giving odds and games that look easily predictable. However, either through insider info or by careful analysis, they know the game will be much more difficult to guess. This often happens with the handicap bets which are very attractive for newbie bettors. They think they can make easy money by betting on the incredibly handicap that their team will win with more than 7 points, for example. However, this number wasn’t just pulled out of hat – it was carefully calculated so as to work in the bookmaker’s favor. The fans, especially the fans who are led by their devotion and loyalty to their team, do not think about it that way, since they are confident their team will stomp the opponent. The outcome is usually in favor of the gambling company.

If there are any lessons to be drawn from this, it is to be careful of bets and games that seem too good to be true – they usually are!

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The Art of Business Card Design – How to Design Business Cards




This world has been made from marketing. Well, marketing and a whole lot of science and technology, sacrifice and late, sleepless nights where people worked to make things better. But, in order to sell some of those things, marketing came to be.

Before the internet, people used business cards and most businesses still use them. They are portable and with the right design, they can grab your attention really quickly. If they come with a good recommendation, then the service or product is already most likely, going to be sold.

But, to have a business card sell something that quickly, it still needs good design. Here is what you need to know to design a business card which will sell.

The Constraints Empower You

Business cards are really small, often smaller than credit cards, but not larger than them. With that in mind, you have a certain size to work it, sometimes less, never more. Most designers fall flat when met with such a small canvas. Well, most designers look at the constraints as constraints, and not new possibilities. With less space, you can’t just add everything to the card and make it viable.

The less you can do, the more of a message you can send. Just think of short poems with a single verse and four lines, for example. Business cards require you to do just that, but with a logo, drawing, a phone number and a name.

Stick to the Basics

Creativity is fun but if it takes you in the wrong direction, it is always good to remember the basics. Some design principles should not be broken just because you have a rather small canvas. From a technical perspective, you should use a specific DPI, work in the CMYK color model and make sure that your typography can be read. This means that you shouldn’t go below a certain font size.

Make it a Tool – Use Various Materials

A business card is great and all, but what if it was a can opener or a bottle opener? Some people have made cheese graters out of business cards while having calendars or schedules on them is often a good solution. By using different materials, the business card can have another purpose, meaning another reason for the potential client to hang onto it. Having a useful tool which is also a business card is a win for both the customer and the company/individual being advertised.

These are but a few ways you could improve your business card design. There certainly are more ways for you to do it, but these should be the starting point from which you can build a great advertising tool.

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How to Crowdfund Your Product




So you want to sell your product but you’re not exactly sure how you can make that work. Or how to even make it even. It really doesn’t have to be so difficult and you can still do your job and make a living while you’re at. You have to be dedicated, but you don’t have to let it run your whole life. You need to plan things ahead of time and make sure you are taking the right path and so on- but you can also relax too. Here are some ways to win over other people into helping you reach your great goal.

Be Persuasive and Give Legitimate Reasons

For one thing- you can’t just ask for money. You need to have good reasons and then that will help them to understand it’s for a good purpose. People want to help others more than you know and when they think it’s for a good cause and that something great will come from donating a bit, then your chances can be high for them to help you out. Feeling like they are a part of something big will most likely make up their minds on helping. People also do these things not just for a new project or a new product but also to help others like a loved family member. If they know they will be of help- even if it’s a small portion of money – they will probably do it. You should also give some background information as to why you’re doing it and what you’ll be using the money exactly for. Give updates too.

Make a Budget

This could help you along with how much the people want to give. If they see how much you have already made and how much you need to get to your finalized product- they might give a little extra to get you to where you need to be. Maybe you need to make your product in phases too- in that case- tell them what portions of that money they gave you will be used for in a certain time for your product.

Research Failed Crowdfundings

Even though we may not like it- it will help everyone in the future. If for some reason a product or cause has failed with crowdfunding, it’s a good idea to research why it failed. Everyone learns from mistakes. If it’s your own mistakes or someone else’s there is no doubt it can educate you or somebody else.

You can always learn something from failure. That is how we got a surprise win on the EURO 2016 semifinals. The winning team learned, improved and won. See the whole story on

Present Pictures or Videos

It’s a good idea to upload current pictures and videos on your product/project. If they see a before and an after compilation as well, that makes a great improvement. When people can see what their money is accomplishing for the better good, all the better. Videos are great to make too- maybe talk in front of the camera and give a great speech and thank all of those who have helped you. And then give a base speech about all you have done step by step and how you got it to the present and then what you are planning to do next. Then talk about how you are wanting it to go from there after your product is completed.

Give Out Rewards for Helping

If someone is helping you by giving you a certain amount of money, offer them a reward that would be approximately the same amount of money they gave you. For instance- give them a little bit of your product you are trying to make a success as to the equivalent to what they paid you. If they paid you more than just $50 or so- then the bigger the prize will be for them.

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US Supreme Court’s Decision could Lead to the Legalization of Esports Gambling in the US




Esports have been on the rise in Europe and Asia in the recent years. Many multiplayer games have taken a role of electronic sports. In markets where sports betting is legalized, esports betting is widely being practiced by the players and fans. Just like any sport, esports is a competition where there is a clear winner and loser. You can’t really see a draw or a tie often as many games go on until one or the other side has actually won. This means – one option less to bet on – and that leads to larger chances of success in esports betting. Even though there are still not enough reviews of esports sportsbooks as there are reviews of football matches like this one for Euro 2016 or online casinos such as the review of Winorama, still there are some options that can be found online.

When it comes to esports, anybody can become a professional player as long as they learn to play really well. You could say the same for traditional sports as well but the rules are different as some skills take a lifetime to perfect. An esports player can be a teenager or an older person- only the skills matter. These skills are what will take you to the top of the tournament. The best prizes are in place only for the best.

How Common is Esports?

In South Korea, esports players are seen like national heroes because esports is as known as traditional sports are in Europe. And it has only grown in the recent months and years. Now there are professional TV stations and networks where you can watch esports tournaments as a live event. They are common in Europe, through the cable networks.

All this has brought esports betting to come to life and co-exist with traditional sports. It is no stranger in Europe and other markets where sports betting is legalized. Now it’s time for the United States to jump into action. Gaming culture is very well developed in the U.S. and many gamers are enjoying their games. Entertainment industry is on a very high level in the U.S.  which means there are many talented gamers who could potentially become professional esports players. If the Supreme Court’s decision turns out to be the right one, it could lead to sports and esports betting legalization in many or most states. This would bring the necessary sponsor attention to the esports scene that would definitely come to life in the U.S.

Gambling in the U.S. has a very long tradition, but only for the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is an iconic city that offers any kinds of gambling available, from casino games to sports betting. All this could soon become part of many others states where people would be experiencing this kind of entertainment for the first time. Out of that state gambling is not legalized. This is exactly what would change from now on, and with great accessibility of sports betting, esports betting would be right at home. You could be placing your first sports or esports bet as early as this year if everything goes right.

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