Wednesday | July 24, 2024

E3 Gaming Conference 2018

It’s that time of year where are all of the most anticipated games get officially announced. You can find out what’s in the works and what will come. You may get hints and/or surprises. You may be able to play the games almost immediately or you could have to wait quite a bit. Maybe early access to new titles and/or rewards within the game if you grab them quick enough. This is where the magic happens and this is where you will find the newest and greatest games that are yet to come.

What did Bethesda Have in Store for Their Fans?

You can be sure Bethesda had great things to show the audience. They have even released to the public that there will be a new Elder Scrolls 6 game. You can’t expect it to be released anytime too soon though, and who would want them to rush? If you rush a game, it will be full of bug and glitches- that just ruins a good piece of work. But you don’t have to make your waiting time in vain. There is a new Elder Scrolls game called The Blades that you can play on your mobile phone. This means you can take it anywhere you go. You can play against other players, run through dungeons and even make your own city. You will also be allowed to visit your friends’ cities as well. That sounds like a great time. We also can’t forget the new game Rage 2. People have been very crazy about it. We all see why- it’s loaded with great action and interesting characters. Some Science Fiction games they will open are Fallout 76 and even a new Role Playing Game called Starfield. The new Fallout will be a Multiplayer so you can play with friends but no one really knows much about the new Starfield. We shall have to wait until probably next year for more information.


The next game after Assassin’s Creed Origins comes Odyssey. From Egypt to Greece, I personally cannot wait to see what they have planned for this upcoming game. Based on the past where they have upgraded the game’s strategies to Role Playing now, I can only imagine just how grand it will be to level up and fight the bad people in the beautiful land of Greece. I’m sure that there will be a lot of delving into the great lore of this mythology as well.

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