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What the Bookmakers say about the Upcoming World Cup

Bookmakers definitely have a lot to say about the biggest soccer competition in the world – the world cup. It is being played in Russia this year and the world’s best teams are competing. While the world cup is driving up sales of big screen TVs, alcohol drinks such as beer, and sports gear (soccer balls and others), it is also bringing a lot of business to the bookmakers. For them, the increasing is happening more and more as the cup is nearing its ending.

More business means more profit, that’s for sure. But at the very end of the competition, there will be two teams and clearly one will be more likely to win. For example, Brazil might be a better choice than 99% of other teams if they come close to the finale. This will mean a setback for bookmakers that offer promotions from Paddy Power. Surprises are always in the cards but only time will tell how it will turn out.

At the moment, the longer England stays in the World Cup, the better for the bookmakers as the interest keeps on rising in the world cup overall. We would only imagine it’s the same in other countries as well- the longer their favourites stay in the game, the more they will visit bookmakers online or in their local shops.

How Easy is it to Place a Bet?

With the growing number of bookmakers, new and improved ways to place a bet emerge. Such a way is via the smartphone app that takes seconds to download and setup. Thanks to how easy it is to place a bet, the number of bets and total number of players will soar during the world cup. The majority of big bookmakers is located in England and if England is the one who wins the World Cup, it will be a costly venture for bookmakers. It is the game of risk and bookmakers are aware of that. No matter what the outcome, they will continue to support players in their wish to cash out their sports knowledge.
Sports Gear

Companies providing sports gear to the players participating in the World Cup can experience boost in sales of the replica shirts. Adidas is the main sponsor of 12 to 32 teams- these are some good chances that the winning team might wear Adidas shirts and other sports wear. Same happened during the last World Cup which took place in 2014.

Optimistic Bookmakers

Bookmakers are optimistic but with a trace of worry that the World Cup might cost a lot more than they planned. Now, when the number of bookmakers is the biggest and the industry is on the record highs, it  can mean that the loses to bookmakers might be high as well if the biggest favourites keep on winning. But this is nothing that the industry can’t recover from. It will be a hit worth thinking about and thinking about the ways to minimize the risk or balance the risk a little bit better. Bookmakers are in the business to make money. These huge risks should be better balanced so everyone has a fair chance to make a profit, including the bookmakers. The World Cup is at the full swing at the time of writing and excitement is in the air.

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