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How safe is hitchhiking?



Getting into a car with a complete stranger used to be completely normal a few decades ago – people were generally friendly and well-intentioned, stopping to help a person out. Nowadays, a scene where a car stops and the driver offers a ride to a lone hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere seems like the opening scene of a thriller or one of those CSI dramas we watch.

So, the question is how safe is hitchhiking? If we accept a ride will we get to our destination safely or do we risk our safety, if not our lives?

According to some experienced hitchhikers’ experience, you can read on various internet forums, hitchhiking is not dangerous if you follow some simple rules to make sure you’re safe.

First of all, you should avoid doing it at night. If you must do it, make yourself visible by wearing bright colors or yellow (they come in different neon colors) traffic vest. The chances of something bad happening to you at night are much higher simply because there is a greater chance to meet a drunk or tired driver. If that happens, make sure to decline the ride offer politely. You should never risk it.

Secondly, some experienced hitchhikers suggest taking a photo of the license plate number and texting it to a family member or friend informing them about your destination. This is just a safety precaution measure which could dissuade the driver from any bad intentions that might cross their mind.

Thirdly, when you are deciding if you should accept the ride or not, rely on your instincts since most of the time, they are quite helpful and people who seem shady usually are. If you do accept the ride, feel free to ask the driver to respect the speed limit and traffic rules – it is your life in their hands.

Hitchhiking could be dangerous, but most of the time it is not. Experienced hitchhikers say that awkward and unpleasant situations could arise, especially for female hitchhikers who might be verbally abused to sexually harassed so id they do not have “thick skin” and do not know how to react and protect themselves in these situations, hitchhiking (with truck drivers especially) is definitely not advised.

However, all these potentially negative things aside, hitchhiking with the right person can be interesting and fun. Unless they are introverted, cranky drivers, most people enjoy having company. It is quite possible to have a nice, interesting chat, and maybe even make a new acquaintance or friend, get an invitation to a dinner or a party, or just some helpful tips and suggestions about the area you are passing through.

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The Best Gambling Tourist Destinations in the World




Do you travel the world to gamble? Or do you gamble to travel the world? Either way, it’s good to know the best places to go to and experience new things in your favourite game. Some must-see places and slot sites with double bubble need to be added to your list of things to do and try – for you sure don’t want to miss out on these spectacular opportunities which you can also get to know through

Las Vegas in Nevada

You obviously have heard of it, right? Of course, it’s famous among the whole globe from Television shows, movies and media. They are so popular for their casinos and hotels and celebrities alike. Besides the Times Square in New York being the first tourist attraction in the whole of America, Las Vegas hits second. With all of the bright and colourful lights and bustling activity full of people having fun, just looking around and taking walks would be a delight for the soul. The casinos and gambling are very hard to beat here- you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

Macau in China

China is a huge country and it’s full of people and the joys that gambling could bring. There are approximately 33 casinos and that is to make sure everyone can have some fun. Don’t forget to also visit some of famous casinos here- the ones that are some of the largest in the whole world. A few of them are Venetian Macau and Starworld Hotel and Casino.

Monte Carlo in Monaco

For being almost the tiniest country on Earth, they sure did make a huge success out of Monte Carlo. There are approximately only 35,000 people who inhabit this country, but they still managed such fame through their grand casino. In the whole of Europe, it’s proclaimed that people want to visit Monte Carlo more than any other place. You will also notice how beautiful the views are around it- it’s a great tourist destination.


Now, if you decide to ask for some people’s opinions on the greatest location to gamble, you should find it as no surprise if they say Singapore. With its beautiful lights and energy, it’s easy to feel right at home. Don’t forget the casinos- those are what you came for in the first place, right? Resorts World Sentosa should be a must along with the other one, Marina Bay Sands. Play the night away, eat unique and great food, drink amazing drinks and look at those views. It’s a good way to live life.

London in the United Kingdom

Everyone knows about London. That name is everywhere and is constantly talked about in the media you hear every day. It’s one of the best places to be in Europe. With your gambling spirit, you can take it to some of their casinos or even all of them if you wish. From 20 casinos to choose from- picking is going to be easy. They’re all very great. Have you heard of the Ritz Club? I’m sure that you have at some point, it’s one of the very best casinos they have. Also, try out another one called Aspers Casino as people have told their experiences of visiting in nothing but praise.

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Millionaire Fair




This is a place where you will find very few like it or even none at all. The Millionaire Fair is just like its name- where all of the millionaires go. Instead of bragging about their fortune and spending it on the 2020 Cheltenham betting offers which are becoming super popular in their world, they visit the place where the most expensive items in the world are exhibited in one area to be shown off. With the most luxurious and expensive products and items, it could make even some of the richest people impressed. It’s kind of like a show and it’s also based upon magazines. The magazines that inspired this creation were Millionaire (obviously) and another one I never heard about before called Jackie. It’s an event brought to life within magazines, it’s almost like you’re attending one live. It’s just like within the pages, only in real life. Because of these magazines, the people who read them or did advertising and such had the opportunity to attend if they so wished to.

When Did They Start Doing this Exhibition?

Back in the year 2002 it was decided to host this event. Located in Amsterdam, its area was well thought through. It was then moved to Moscow in Russia during the year of 2005. Reports have said that it was successful each time and that people seemed to enjoy themselves there.

What Did They All Show Off and Sell?

You can be sure that there were a number of things there. From cars to jewelry and beauty products- there is no shortage of any unusual items. Not to mention that there have been private jets too. You will notice they are very successful, popular and famous brands. All of them are surely worth a lot of money.

It has been known for some very, very expensive things to be sold, so if you’re not a millionaire I really hate to burst your bubble, but the truth is that you won’t be able to afford anything. Things for sale have been a $1 million dollar phone that was practically covered in real diamonds to even 25,000 Euros worth of certain perfumes made just for millionaires. You could also have the choice to buy an island or even the house on the island. This is definitely a huge life-changing event. If you attend, your life will be changed from looking at your life in different way and perspective. You also have to pay for your tickets before the event starts. You will only get inside if you have an invitation too. If you do go- make sure to dress very, very fancy as that is required as well.

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Best cars for cross-country road trips




For a lot of people in the world, and especially in the United States of America, taking a road trip is an interesting and fun experience which often helps people bond with their friends or family members in a quite unique way. These trips make excellent memoire materials or family gathering anecdotes.

However, many of them may include stories of hardships and car troubles on the road which can be stressful and spoil all the fun. Once in a blue moon do they take an amazing twist for the better, like in some Hollywood movies where being stranded on the side of the road leads to meeting cool people and having the time of your life.

Since we are not characters in one of such movies, it is best to be prepared. Choosing the right car for cross-country road trips is what makes all the difference. Here is what you should know.

You must consider the gas mileage. For cross-country trips, it is extremely important to choose the most efficient and wallet-friendly model of the car. Then, there is the storage space. Depending on the number of people and the amount of baggage they will be carrying, it is important to choose the model which will be able to fit everything with ease. And there are also models which offer special features such as GPS, wifi hotspot, or which are specifically designed for certain terrains such as deserts or mountainous rocky places inaccessible with your everyday city-driving car.

Here are some models which we recommend:

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

This model of the car allows you to save on gas and it offers a lot of room, storage, and it is the great choice for families travelling with children. It has Uconnect theater which supports some multiplayer video games allowing your children to spend time playing with each other instead of staring each at their own smartphone or iPad. The added feature for the parents of small children, which will allow them some peace of mind, is the map which answers the children’s annoying question every parent dreads: “Are we there yet?”

2017 Nissan Rogue Hybrid

As economical as the previous model, this hybrid focuses more on safety than on entertainment. Nissan Rogue has technology which prevents crashes and protects you in cases of collision. It is an excellent, safe cross-country car which also offers tons of space.

2017 Genesis G80 and 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata

However, for all those people travelling alone or in smaller groups there are some stylish options. We recommend either 2017 Genesis G80 or 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata. Both German and Japanese car makers have done it this time by creating a perfect combination of a luxurious sports car and safety comfortable sedan. The German model offers more space, since the other one is a convertible which can seat only two with a limited storage space in the trunk.

SUV models

If you cannot imagine a road trip if it is not in an SUV, we highly recommend 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. This car is one of the bestselling cross-overs which offers great fuel economy, and a perfect balance between passenger and storage space. And if you need added features such as seat heating, USB charging spots, blind spot monitoring, or Apple CarPlay or Android car, then the perfect SUV for you would be the Honda CR-V.

No matter what you choose, make sure to drive safely and have fun!

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