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The best and most important ways to market your business online

In order to market your business online, you must have a very strong online presence. Nowadays, the competition is fierce and everybody is struggling to get their own place in the frightening vastness of the Internet. In order to appear on the first page of Google search for the keywords related to you field, your website must be of great quality, have interesting and relevant content, and it must have great authority. Achieving this takes long time and a lot of effort. Here are some tips you can try:

  1.      Write blogs and maintain a regular online presence

This is a long-term strategy that helps you increase your business’s website authority. By posting high-quality and content relevant to your niche, you can increase traffic and spark an interest of Google. Remember, authority leads to better visibility and thus to increased sales.

  1.      Optimize your page

In order for your website to appear in the top Google search results, you must use SEO to optimize the content you post. This is not as easy as it sounds, and there are many tips and tricks which might help. Make sure to pay attention to

  •         your site’s speed – there are useful tools you can use to make the content lighter and delete the unnecessary things which weigh it down;
  •         mobile usability – with the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones a lot of people use them for online search, so your website must be mobile phone friendly;
  •         meta descriptions – these are the snippets that summarize your website’s content and they must be concise, to the point and contain the necessary key words;
  •         reading level – the content you post must be easy to read, avoid using passive voice and long run-on sentences which are difficult to understand;
  •      citing of sources – it is important not to plagiarize and to give the credit where it’s due since this shows honesty and creates trust with the readers;
  •         content quality – make sure to check your facts (they must be relevant and up to date) and proofread your content in order to make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes;
  1.      Use LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram

Create an online presence on all the major social networks. Do not be pushy, always trying to sell your product or service, but try to post content which will demonstrate the kind of values your company cherishes. This will help you build an image and trust and it will attract customers who value those same things.

  1.     Create Youtube videos

Youtube presence is also important. Creating the tutorial videos which explain how to use your product can get you a lot of attention. Not only is it helpful for your customers, but it can only increase your visibility and authority online.

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