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The most popular online slot machines

In comparison to real life slot machine, online slots have a different kind of appeal. They are readily available, have great payout rates and impeccable design. To be honest, unless you are in vicinity of huge casinos, there is absolutely no reason not to play online slots. Even though the Ladbrokes promo code 2019 for online betting is super popular and can up your chances of winning, people are getting more and more interested in online slots and how they operate.


Egyptian theme is one of the most dominant ones in online slots, but Cleopatra takes it to another level! This online slot plays with the figure of Cleopatra to draw in gamblers who are accustomed to royal luxury, gold and classic design. It promises amazing jackpot equal to ten thousand coins if you get five Cleopatra logo symbols on your pull! And the best thing must be that you don’t have to set aside huge sums of money if you want to play Cleopatra – you can play with as little as twenty pence. The only negative thing is there are no mini-games, but there are free spins that come with the three times multiplier.


Building on the popularity of the incredible mutant saga featured in many movies and comics, Ladbrokes casino offers X-Men slots! With the familiar faces of Wolverine, Magneto, Nightcrawler and Mystique, you will have countless hours of fun! There are twenty-five paylines which offer different combinations and huge winning potential! The bonus free spins round is titled Heroes versus Villains and it brings tons of free spins. There is also an X-feature with a five times multiplier to spice up your winnings.

Thunderstruck II

The sequel to the famous Thunderstruck slot is here, and it is even more popular than its predecessor! If you are into Norse mythology, especially in gods like Thor, Loki and Odin, then you will enjoy this exciting online slot machine. There are – believe it or not – as much as two hundred forty-three ways to win here, and the slots include five different reels. It sounds unreal, but the only unreal thing is how unrealistically low the minimum bets are – they go as low as 0.01 virtual coins. However, the jackpot is one thousand coins, which is not the most we’ve seen, but it is still up there with the best offers.

A Night Out

If you are looking for online slots which will mimic the whole experience of going out and having fun with some drinks and slot machines, but you want to do it from the comfort of your home then try A Night Out. This fun twist on slots with colorful Friday night symbols will keep you occupied and it offers a progressive jackpot which is named Dollar Ball. Go for as much as 20 lines and earn big, watching those dollar bills come to you!

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