Tuesday | June 25, 2024

Does watching sports improve your betting skills?

While there is no doubt at all that sports betting is getting more and more popular with the global presence of sports, bettors are always looking for new ways to improve their betting score and increase their winnings. Yes, there are always some who just play on their luck, as they would play casino games with a Jackpot Fortune bonus code and don’t even try to familiarize themselves with the sport, but for the majority the way of familiarizing themselves with the sport differs. Some follow sites that offer insights into the most popular game or share their picks. Some talk with their friends, analyze data and try to predict the outcome. But, there is one question that needs to be answered – is there a link between watching sports and being successful in placing sports bets? If there is, how important is it? Does it always decide the outcome of a bet? And can you enjoy betting without watching the sports?

The answer is more than complicated. Firstly, incredibly large number of people is watching sports, and a huge number of people is betting – but how much do these groups intersect? Some sources say that more than 80 percent of all bettors also watch at least one sport they are betting on. This means they are always following their favorite sport, keeping tabs on teams and players who are of interest to them, and they are able to make informed decisions about some bets. But does that increase their winnings much more than to people who do not watch and still bet? Well, it does, but to some level. There is a small increase in percentage of won bets in general for those who bet and watch sports. However, that percentage is significantly higher when we are talking about multiple bets or about games with higher odds. This means that players who are informed and who watch sports can make a difficult decision more easily when there is no clear favorite.

But this data is mostly concerning the bets that are placed before the actual start of matches. What happens in live betting? As you probably could have guessed, the percentage of bettors who make good bets skyrockets if they are watching sports, particularly if they are watching the game in question. For example, if you are live betting on an NBA game and you want to bet on the number of points in the game, your chances of getting it right are much higher if you have been following the tempo of the game, the number of fouls key players have, the efficiency of the players, because you can calculate in a way people who are not watching the cannot. Therefore, you will be able to place a winning bet in more cases…

There is another side to this coin, though… Many people bet because it brings that enjoyment and adrenaline rush, exactly because it is unpredictable. Some bettors purposefully chose not to watch games because they will be more surprised and excited if their team wins. The best example is going to the racetracks and picking some horses you believe will win just for the sake of fun and excitement… If they win, it is great; if not, you will not be sad too much. Of course, some people with greater experience in horse racing betting will have more successful bets, and they will probably watch the race itself, but if you are just playing for fun, there is no reason not to try out something, even if you didn’t watch it. You might just get lucky!

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