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New comedy shows of 2018 you must not miss!

Some people enjoy spending all of their free time curled up in their comfy beds, binge watching their favorite TV shows. This activity helps them relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. The crisis happens when they run out of popcorns or other favorite snacks, or when the show they are watching comes to an end. We cannot go shopping for you, but we can definitely help with the latter problem by suggesting some new comedies for you to enjoy. Here comes the list:

One Day at a Time

This comedy is a reboot of an old-school 1970s sitcom which proved that this was a great medium for telling universal life stories. According to the critics, this show did not just fulfill the expectations, it exceeded them by becoming an improved version of its predecessor. The story follows the lives of a Cuban American family supported by a single-mom who lives with her own mother and three children. The show is easy to connect with because of its realistic portrayal of life on a nurse’s salary, and the struggle to maintain one’s heritage and cultural identity while trying to be an American and what it means to be a single parent. All these issues are still relevant now, just as they were back in the 70s.  


If you were the fan of Rosanne, which stopped airing some twenty years ago, this is great news for you. The show will pick up where it left off with the same cast and in the same manner. The fans of the original show will have a chance to see where their loved characters are at after more than twenty years. We certainly hope that it will retain some of its original humor which drew the audience in the first place and manage to keep up with the new age and current issues.


This is a Comedy Central’s new pitch-black comedy from Pat Bishop, Matt Ingebretson, and Jake Weisman. The show is definitely an acquired taste, not for just anyone. The main characters are completely drained by the soul-crushing corporate world, they speak in a completely passionless, soulless and detached way. The perfect combination of dark and funny – if you are into that kind of humor.

Good Girls

The fans of Christina Hendricks who portrayed the sassy red-head in Mad Men will finally get to see her and in a new, leading role. In the NBC’s new series about three friends struggling with money, she will be Beth, a suburban housewife with a cheater for a husband who leaves her in financial troubles. Together with her two also desperate friends, Beth decides to rob a grocery store, and the aftermath of this event is what thickens the plot and keeps the audience entertained. It is a completely different side of mother’s and housewives that we get a chance to see.

No matter which of these you choose to check out, if nothing else, you can at least kill some time until the next season of your favorites is aired.

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