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Most interesting music albums of 2018

There was no doubt that 2018 was going to be full of high quality music, with so many newly announced albums and big comebacks. But in that sea of good music, which ones are not to be missed? Which albums will top the music charts all around the world? Here is a useful guide of either newly released or yet to be released music albums.

Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

With their sixth album, Arctic Monkeys promise amazing sound as always, but also a story that is going to be told through eleven great songs. It is really all about the unity of the songs through which the album is expressing itself, so it is recommended that you listen to all of them without skipping! It is somewhat different than their previous albums, but that is what makes music interesting, right? Many have said that the space-pop sound with lounge influences is a turn in the direction of their style, but only time can tell whether it’s a good or bad direction!

Fall Out Boy – Mania

Fall Out Boy have graced us with a really unique experience at the beginning of this year. It was an album full of crazy, unconstrained music which works in a way that always catches you unprepared. That sort of sound does not work for some people, but for those fans who love a little bit of experimenting, this will be a pop-infused delicacy which also offers a little bit of everything (even if sometimes a little bit of everything turns out to be too much!). The seventh album of this American band will certainly rock someone’s world – but it is not for everyone.

Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

Leave it to the indie kings, Franz Ferdinand, to spice up February with their fifth studio album under mysteriously sounding name Always Ascending. This mysterious name, however, has no place in the minds of the fans, because the songs bring that familiar and tasty rhythm which will make their bodies move within the first few seconds of the song. With such great songs like Lazy Boy and Finally, we finally get a worthy heir to the throne that was left behind by some of their greatest hits. The music feels alive, everchanging and it is rhythm driven. It is one of the best albums of the year, definitely!

Charlie Puth – Voicenotes

Puth’s second album tops his first in all categories! Recently released Voicenotes mixes everything that Charlie excels at – amazing songwriting skills and cheeky performances. With an array of different songs, including Attention, Done for Me, The Way I Am, Charlie Puth finally delivers and finds a truly representative voice for his phenomenal songwriting. Moving from a little bit immature themes of the first album, Puth sets his mind on emotionally loaded and intimate songs, and he really does it well. Even if you are not a fan of his first album, check this one out!

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