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US Supreme Court’s Decision could Lead to the Legalization of Esports Gambling in the US

Esports have been on the rise in Europe and Asia in the recent years. Many multiplayer games have taken a


How Terrorism Affected the Tourism Industry in the World

It is a widely known fact that terrorism has affected the tourism in the world. Some countries have suffered more

Blenheim Hotel
Arts & Entertainment

Boardwalk Empire – TV Show Review and Development

Have you ever heard of the Television series, Boardwalk Empire? You probably have. In that case, you may or may

Marvel Cinematic Universe Logo
Arts & Entertainment

The Success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Everyone has probably heard about the Marvel Universe– especially the new movie called Avengers: Infinity War. It has taken the

eSports Gaming
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Is E-Gaming Really a Sport?

Even though in reality you are not actually moving your body to kick or throw or hit a ball or